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Crown fit morph for Toulouse Hair :iconmcasual:mCasual 0 0 READY! mcjCrownFinal - free crown prop :iconmcasual:mCasual 0 0 READY! mcjCrownFinal - free crown prop :iconmcasual:mCasual 0 0 READY! mcjCrownFinal - free crown prop :iconmcasual:mCasual 1 1 Hinami is officially The Lady of The Castle :iconmcasual:mCasual 1 6 the coronation shall take place Sunday :iconmcasual:mCasual 2 2 Hanami readying herself :iconmcasual:mCasual 2 0 READY! free crown Hanami's coronation weekend ... :iconmcasual:mCasual 1 0 mcjLagEffect for Daz Studio update :iconmcasual:mCasual 1 0 Hinami tries on a crown ? it's a secret :iconmcasual:mCasual 2 2 Neko Rooty :iconmcasual:mCasual 0 1 Free Egg prop update update update :iconmcasual:mCasual 1 0 Happy Easter and/or wottevahr :iconmcasual:mCasual 1 0 free WeAreHappyAtCERN pattern :iconmcasual:mCasual 0 0 Ready - Free openable egg prop :iconmcasual:mCasual 0 0 Ready ! - Free openable egg prop :iconmcasual:mCasual 1 0


Balneae :iconitiseyemeeszark:ItiseyeMeeSzark 3 6 RM 309 M2 #4 :icon600v:600v 49 3 Pre Design 2 - W.I.P. :icontjeb:Tjeb 14 6 Getting better point of view :iconpnn32:pnn32 30 21 Rogue... :iconunholyoska:UnHolyOska 27 5 Dress A for Genesis 3 Female :iconamyaimei:amyaimei 12 20 Night Raid over Fridge :iconpnn32:pnn32 55 18 Into The Light :iconamyaimei:amyaimei 8 7 RoboDog Djojamura :icontjeb:Tjeb 6 0 Empathy :iconitiseyemeeszark:ItiseyeMeeSzark 6 13 RM 311 A #6 :icon600v:600v 205 15 Shrilx :iconcrunchycrowe:CrunchyCrowe 528 34 RM 311 A #1 :icon600v:600v 250 24 Ballerina :iconolgarodrz:OlgaRodrz 7 5 RM Hyperon #7 :icon600v:600v 223 16 Forms... :iconunholyoska:UnHolyOska 30 0



Crown fit morph for Toulouse Hair

Just now i added a morph for the Toulouse Hair

if you unzip the zip file correctly ( in my case this was C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library )

then each time you load a Toulouse hair prop, there will be an "mcjCrown" morph channel in the Toulouse Hair parameters tab


you turn this morph  up to 100%


you resize the crown ZScale 122%


and youll be able to lower the crown without having the hair poking through it


same page as the crown…

READY! mcjCrownFinal - free crown prop
READY! mcjCrownFinal - free crown prop…

here you see the (slightly modified ) 3Delight material setup
Hinami is officially The Lady of The Castle
The Peachy Maid, 
Tamoka, the Captain of The Guard
Gabrielle, The Guard
and William, The Buttler

unanimously and officially made Hinami, The Lady of The Castle

free castle prop this way --->…
now i must do a daily render or 2 , to avoid being 8 days behind !

what should i do what should i do?

someday if i get popular i could ask for suggestions, like you could pick one of my 3000
images dating back to 2007 and ask for a re-render or variations on a theme

well i'm open to suggestions !

okay, thinking thinking

something that bugs me is that i released the mcjCastle long long ago…

with a defective stairs handrail, so i could fix that and daily-renderify this !

Seaaa - mcjCastle by mCasual


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Isazforms Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hi. sorry for asking here. But one of your script, "lag effect" does not work very well in the latest version of daz studio 64 bits.
mCasual Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i could not discover a problem with mcjLagEffect
but but i did make a small correction and i added a "loop" option…

my test lag effect animation made today with the latest 64-bit DS4.9 update ( on windows 10 )…

mmmaybe what you wanted to achieve is available through mcjPropagate or even mcjAutoLimb 

but if you encounter the problem again, please describe what you attempted and i may be able to help
mCasual Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks i'll look into it, it's quite an old script
with newer versions of Daz studio, in certain cases i have to force a timeline frame change before keyframing things
contrary to DS3 where i could keyframe a value, say, at frame 30 even if i am at frame 0 when the script runs

last year i posted a script similar to this but much more complete ( and probably confusing )
it's called mcjPropagate

and there's mcjElasticSim which can do effects similar to mcjLagEffect ( and breast bounces )

well while we're at it, there's also mcjCycleFilter which can be used to time-shift animation curves
Isazforms Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
The problem does not at the start of the scene and is apparently random. I have not been able to determine why it happens. In a starter scene with few elements, at first the script works. The problem comes when I try to use it in scenes already made. Also in scenes that already have many elements. The script runs, but it does nothing. It also happens with other scripts that are not of your own. I guess the use of memory will have something to do, I really do not know.
mCasual Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
not a big chance this is the reason, but if you are in iRay preview mode, maybe it can interfere.
but maybe it has to do with caching and i dont know how this works.
another thing that may interfere is the use of of the aniMate plugin and figures.
the scripts should work once you used the animate "bake" feature, which transforms the animations stored in animate's timeline into standard animations on Daz Studio's classic timeline
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mastercchris Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank You, so much for your Scripts. You are awesome :)
And you give so much to the daz/blender community.

ttobserve Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Oh, Great Guru!

Were you constructing scripts to facilitate the transfer of morph targets from DAZ Studio to Blender?
Or is that just my whimsy?   :?

How do YOU transfer speaking motions from DS to Blender?
mCasual Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i didnt really work on the transfer of animated morphable Daz figures  to blender
this spring ...
well late spring

what i tried last time i think was transfer through collada or fbx and it was promising
i think most of the data is there, but i need to make a blender script that corrects the parts of the transfer that go wrong
ttobserve Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017
Is there a Viseme package that you particularly like?
For the first time, I’m seriously trying to make my character speak, but I find that
the visemes and stuff that came with G2F (plus Josie Expressions), are giving me
insufficient control. I was hoping to do all the groundwork in DS, save presets,
transfer to Blender, and fine-tune it there; but I lack morph sliders for e.g.
Lip top out, even though I have a Lip bottom out !
Tjeb Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
Thank you for the fave. It is not finished yet though. It is still in an early design stage.
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